A troll attacks my friend, please help

Alright, http://cheaterville.com/?page=cheaters&id=12246  this posting, was created by aimeexxx on okcupid.com. She is full of shit. She contacted Jeremy Jones on OkCupid with this message.

"I've seen your profile before and now it says you are interested in casual sex. Are you up for it? Let me know. "

2 hours later "wowzers I looked u up on the internet and i can tell exactly what kinna guy you are:

you are just another pathetic sleazey jerk posting shirtless photos for attention. i bet putting them all over the internet for attention and props because you are either super shady or super insecure, and i think you are both those things. you are here just to use people to get an ego stroke. and i bet you do that in real life too. your type will lead girls on, make them think you like them, lie all the time, act like a coward, use your looks to get them into you but treat them like shit and never call them back. I'm cool with that if you are truthful about it, but you are the tpye whofakes like he is a nice and sweet guy. you lead everyone on to think you aren't the sleazebag loser you are. the sadeest part of all of this is that you need ego strokes from strangers because in real life i bet you suck. stop faking like you are a good guy. You look good but thats all you got. You are a joke!!!!!!!!! "

To which Jeremy replied


Well, I was gonna wait and write you back when I got home, but the extreme unfounded vitriole of your message prompted swifter response.

The Batman photo is posted because we thought it was funny. In fact, it's not an entirely flattering photo. Any additional photos you've come across of a similar nature are on the internet because I'm primarily an actor and fitness model. It's my job to be shirtless.

Additionally, I never posted any such photos on here at first and relied only on the content of my profile and enough visual aid to let people know I had a face. And you know what? No one wrote me, and just about all the messages I wrote never got responses. I changed it, stuck just one of my fitness photos on here, and suddenly started getting messages daily. Go figure...

I've only been on five dates total in the last year and a half. This is, in part, my fault because I'm pretty socially inept and get intimidated about first impressions. I do pretty good writing, but in person I'm a nervous wreck, usually. That's why I like acting. I can be whoever I have to be and someone else tells me what they want me to do. It puts my mind at ease. Left to my own devices I get overly fretful about making decisions and doing the wrong thing.

I also work at a gym, a bank, and the Edgewood center, a home for troubled kids. I don't mention this as validation, but rather just to give you more of an idea of the kind of person I am. I always choose jobs that teach me something useful. The gym teaches me about health, the bank teaches me finance, and at Edgewood I learn how to be a good mentor and a patient, nurturing person.

I'm actually pretty insecure about my looks, but thank you for saying it's all I've got going for me. I've always been of the opinion, throughout my life, that I was just too weird and broken to expect anyone to like me much, and I spend most of my free time either at home playing video games and building Gundam models or at the gym. Since you're already predispositioned to hate me, I don't stand to lose much standing in admitting any of this and it's kinda nice to be able to just tell someone upfront what my life is like.

As for the casual sex thing, I think that was a mistake. I even worked as a bouncer for close to five years and never once had a fling or went home with someone (unless in a pre-established, long term relationship, of which I had only two during that period.) I just didn't want to limit my options on here and try to keep an open mind, because who knows who I might meet who might change my mind or bring out some part of me I'm unacquainted with?

I don't know what you found of me on the internet. There's a lot. Probably just my facebook, I imagine. You might also find some really terrible videos on Vimeo and Youtube. None of it's all to glamorous.

I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression somehow. I don't see how a single, goofy photo of me in Batman underwear and a random photo from my fitness portfolio invalidates everything I wrote in my profile, but you're entitled to your perception.

I hope you have an alright Saturday.Sent from the OkCupid app "

To which she replied

 "I don't hate you I just get pissed off when I see guys like you obviously lying and faking everything you are and your message here just proved everything i said beucause you say you are awesome in your profile but here you say you are nervous and socially inept. here you say you stay home and don't go out but look you are on a dating sight like this one trying to get dates and looking all desparate about it. you contradict yourself all over the place so which ones are the lies? I bet anything that you have a handfull of girls you keep around to stroke your ego. you make them think you are into them but you just put them in your pocket to use them to make you feel like you are not a shallow shady sleazebag. maybe you don't date them, maybe you just lead them on to think you wanna date them and then drop them when someone new and shiny comes along. you said you only had a few dates but i bet they were all one night stands because those girls served their purpose (to stroke your ego) and you don't care about them so you moved on to sucker someone else but instead of being real with them about it, your the kind of guy who will just lead them on forever to keep them as an option to use again at your convnience. I will bet a million dollars you are stringing someone along right now and you could care less about her, does she know you are trolling for sex on the internet here, maybe you are stringing two or three girls (or more) at the same time but i doubt you are that good. also who cares about your jobs, lots of sleazey guys have jobs. "

To which he replied

"I think I read maybe what would normally have been the first paragraph of your missive, had you used any sense of structure, and decided I don't really care to try anymore. I skimmed the rest, assuming it to was just reiteration. I wanted to be kind and magnanimous with my initial response, to exert some effort to be understanding and try to see how you might come to the conclusions you've asserted, but that is fruitless in this particular endeavor.

I really do wish you the best and hope you get over whatever wrongs have been visited upon you. "

To which she replied

"spoken like someone who can't face the truth about himself. you are a fraud. unlike you I am honest with myself and the people I meet. I feel sorry for whoever you sucker into buying into your fake image. "

To which he replied

"I don't know what you get out of continuing this correspondence if you find me so deplorable. For me, work is very slow today and there's some relative entertainment to be found in trying to diagnose your particular behavioral disorder. Kinda like playing an old text-based adventure, or navigating the varied conversational outcomes in a Bioware game.

What's your favorite color? "

To which she replied

"I see ignoring and changing the subject is easier for you than to deal with truth and honesty. what is it like to get people to like you by being decietful and dishonest? is it rewarding when you convince a girl you are some sensitive nice guy when you are just lying to her and using her? "

To which he replied

"I knew it. Your favorite color is Hate!

Mine's blue. "

To which she replied

"what kind of sob story do you feed your victims to get them to think you are not a lying sleazebag looking to score attention/validation/sex on the internet? "

To which he replied

"I usually stick with my actual story. It's pretty ludicrous as is"

To which she replied

"so you get them to feel sorry for you so you can get away with treating people like shit. like when you start ignoring them or cheating on them or stringing them along, they don't get angry or leave because aw poor guy has such a sob story so he can't be bad. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

A few hours later before he could reply she had this to say again

"you obvi don't want a girlfriend or anything meaningful since all you are is shallow and all you want is an ego stroke from everyone and anyone. it's obvi to anyone looking at your profile here or all your stuff on the net that you are desparate for attention and want to attract as many girls as humanly possible. if you are gonna be a player or whatnot then just admit it and quit the good guy act.

I don't hate you I don't hate anyone. what I doin is helping you to stop being in denial and just own the fact that you are a sleaze and you're only goal is to get attention and an ego stroke. why else tell people how to find you on facebook? why else post shirtless pix everywhere? I think thats all you do is get women to pay attention to you and sleep with you without having to give anything back in return. im actually cool with that but you should at least own up to it. I bet more than one poor girl fell for your sad sack act on ockupid and ended up getting hurt because you are a fraud. "

To which he replied

"You're still writing me, and I only get so much mailbox space as its, so I'll politely request that you stop. i.e. Stop that"