My response to the MPAA

They released a PDF found at this link in regards to the SOPA blackout.

Please read their post, it is absolutely absurd. I apologize for the language I used in my reply to them, but it's more than fitting.

The PDF the MPAA has released is an absolute farse. Your employers are on fucking crack. Actually I'm sorry I called you Sir, it should have been Comrade my apologies please don't send the Orwellian Politboro after me, I don't fear the secret police anyway, tell your employer they are manipulative douhebags. I'm personally sorry to you for having your email address listed on that statement, you work for a bunch of idiots... please tell them to get their heads out of their asses and to grow up... they probably are mostly Scientologists too, so there is likely no hope for them.

To see how you can help stop SOPA, please visit the following links