Fixed my monitor: why soldering skills are useful.

So, my right monitor is about... 6 years old give or take a few months. It's had some issues in the past couple of months with not wanting to turn on, Friday it went on the fritz hardcore and was having great difficulty getting it to power on from sleep, and especially from off. Today I came home and it absolutely would not power on. So what's a guy to do? Well, open it up of course! 2 of the 1000uf capacitors on the power supply had popped, one apparently long ago as it was literally dust, the other recently as it was quite gooey. While I didn't have any 1000uf's at 10v I did have some at 16v, so I swapped them out. Man oh man, I've never seen the monitor power up this fast, not even when it was new. Ahhh time spent figuring out how to get the frame off, 15 minutes, time to replace and reassemble about 10 minutes. So 25 minutes of my time, saved me the 100ish bucks I would have spent replacing it. Ahhh see kids, learning to solder and keeping common components around in your parts bin IS QUITE USEFUL!