Raw Videos: Tornado Strikes Springfield, Mass.

Raw Videos: Tornado Strikes Springfield, Mass. 9th video shows it forming

 The National Weather Service has issued tornado warnings for points east of Springfield, including Milford, Millis, Dedham, and points southwest of Boston, Mass. Two tornadoes were spotted on the ground around 5pm Mass. local time.

Building damage, large trees down, glas blown out of automobiles, automobiles flipped, as far as I can tell no deaths and casualties are minimal 4 confirmed deaths so far. Hail measured up to 2 inches in diameter was reported.


April 25-28th, 2011 saw 330 tornadoes confirmed in 21 states. April 3-4th, 1974 saw 148 tornadoes in 13 states, the past 2 weeks we've had tornadoes touching the ground every day... perhaps Harold Camping was right and the world is coming to an end, or perhaps the Mayans knew something, or, just perhaps... it all has to do with the Sun. Or maybe it's just a bad year for tornadoes.