Kroger is anti-customer safety, anti-gun so boycott them

I originally posted this to a few pro-gun forums on the day it happened. Kroger is anti 2nd amendment, anti-gun, anti customers being safe.



I entered the store this evening (usually I go Sunday morning) and did my shopping in a basket, was in the store for approximately 15 minutes. I am standing at self-checkout scanning my items, have approximately 25 items bagged, with 1 left to scan, I see a 20-something with a few days of beard growth rapidly approaching in a hoodie and he blurts out "are you a cop" I pivoted slightly but kept my gun opposite side of him and went 100% alert "No are you?" I replied. Like a tool, he reaches into his half zipped hoodie and pulls out his little ID tag "I'm a plain clothes officer with Kroger loss-prevention, I tried to get to you before you got up front, but could you leave your gun in your car from now on" I said "do you not want my business?" "it's not that sir, just please leave your gun in your car next time" I then raised my voice so everyone within 15 feet could easily hear me, but not shouting or being irate and said "If you do not want my business, you can put my groceries up I don't want to give you my money" and I left the store.

I went to the other side of the street and gave Marsh my business. I was in there twice as long trying to find products that they just didn't have, applied for a Marsh card, and several employees saw my firearm and never said a word, didn't even stare, take a second-glance, or anything. Marsh will have my business from now on.

At the time of this incident there were NO markings outside or inside the store saying no firearms. Why? Perhaps Kroger is afraid to scare customers off, oops they do that with their mall-ninja 'officer'. I urge everyone that shops at this location, or knows anyone that does to stop doing business with them.