AT&T Douchebaggery

229 pages of customers voicing their outrage and trying to find alternatives for one another then AT&T steps in with their douchebaggery and shuts the thread down with THIS POST

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Re: AT&T To Impose Caps, Overages

Thank you for your comments and opinions related to this topic. This topic has been thoroughly discussed and is now being closed.


I have given numerous warnings and opportunities for this topic to remain open, and there have still been a number of comments posted that are either off topic or breaking community guidelines.


Should you require assistance or have new information having to do with the topic of overages, you are welcome to start a new thread, but be aware that the new thread will be closely monitored for any off topic or guideline violations.



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Remember to always mark items that you find useful as "Accepted Solutions". This will help other users find this information too!!


This is absurd, but sadly AT&T only controls their forum, not the entire internet and this will not stop us from voicing our complaints.