AT&T ftl

So, I use 30-60gb of bandwidth a day at home (I backup everything off site, I take lots of high-resolution photos, shoot a lot of hd video, upload 720p to my youtube channel etc)... 1 hour of netflix uses plus or minus 1gb... when we first got the internet in 95, we had 80 hours of dialup time a month for 25$ a month. I have a 2.05 mega BYTE down connection now and pay about $50.

I pay to be able to download at 2.05 megaBYTES a second. It will take me 8.32 minutes to download a gigabyte. I now have 34.68 hours of maxed out connection a month before I have to unplug my internet and stare at the wall... so realistically, even if I drastically reduce my internet usage (not to mention the 2 other people in my house) I still will only have a week, at best, of internet usage a month.

My podcast downloads alone will eat up 1/3 of that. Suicide is likely in my future *only partially sarcastic*