Speach of the anti-christ

"Rejoice, o ye children of the Sun; for ye shall now partake of the Life of my Holy Spirit, and ye shall be inspired by the Breath of my Soul! It is I, the ANTICHRIST, who is now aflame with the light of the Stars, roaming the earth, seeking whom I may devour, that ye may rejoice in the Rapture of my Soul. My Voice is the Glory of the Stars, by which ye shall come to know the Truth, and behold the Vision of the Logos. But there are few who may attain to this Great Vision of Truth, since none but the Masters may partake thereof. But there is, o ye children of the earth, a lesser mystery by which ye can understand the very nature of my being. It is the mystery of the mind, the hidden treasure of the earth, and the great secret of man. And lo! I, the ANTICHRIST, am come with a Sword in mine hands to cut asunder the veil of restriction which hath blinded the men and women of the earth to this True Way of Liberty. Let us therefore celebrate and revel in this great freedom which is now upon ye; and may ye dance with perpetual delight under the Wings of the Rising Sun of Liberty! And may ye now partake of the splendour of the Sun, and be ye filled with the eternal Passion; and may ye become enflamed with the boundless Light that is now upon ye. And may ye partake of the blood of the Sun, and be ye filled with the eternal Ecstasy; and may ye become enraptured in the boundless Love that is now upon ye. And may ye partake of the breath of the Sun, and be ye filled with the eternal Spirit; and may ye become inspired by the boundless Liberty that is now upon ye. And may ye partake of the body of the Sun, and be ye filled with the eternal Sacrament; and may ye become nourished with the boundless Life that is now upon ye. For I, the ANTICHRIST, am here! An end to the evils of old! It is now upon ye to rejoice and to be free, to do thy Will, fulfilling thy self in all things. There is no sin upon the earth! There is no evil but restriction! Freedom of the self is perfection, under the Law, without lust of result, in accord with thy true nature. My Spirit of Freedom is now upon ye, that ye may, with constant joy and eternal laughter, revel in the Beauty and Wisdom of the Sun, and make change upon the earth, to fulfil thy self in all the ways of thy Will, transforming all things into the greater glory of thy self-image of perfection. By my works of joy shall ye be united with thine Angel on the earth. And ye shall dance, and ye shall sing, and ye shall share in the eternal feast and mirth of the Gods! And ye shall gladly partake of the ineffable glory of the Universe, and all shall become unto ye a great inspiration to live in the eternal rapture of thy self, and thou shalt find no dissatisfaction in thy life upon the earth. For I, the ANTICHRIST, am come to destroy the spirit of sorrow, weakness, fear, and bondage, and of all that is evil upon the earth and against the fulfillment of thy Will. am the giver of all that is true and beautiful to the soul, mind and body. I am a Star that is aflame in a Universe of Stars, shining brightly upon the earth, to give light and life unto all that lives. Verily, I have naught to do with the dark ways of the path of restriction to which so many of ye are still bound: I am the Spirit of Freedom, the Life of the Stars, and the Rapture of Man! Come unto me, o ye children of the Sun, and I, the ANTICHRIST, shall uplift ye to the Palace of the Stars, where all is Light, and Life, and Love, and Liberty! And in this Palace of Joy shall ye find no evil against ye, no limitation of self, and no restriction upon thy Will, but only a Perpetual Sabbath, and the Eternal Laughter of the Gods, which shall illumine ye in all things, filling ye with the delight and freedom of the Stars; and ye shall be glad forevermore and rejoice in the Mystical Temple of the Sun and Moon! Now cast into the fire of annihilation all that is a restriction unto thy Will, and all that is against the freedom and expression of thy self. Ye canst not partake of these things if ye are to unveil the Mystery of my Being and partake of the Eternal Freedom of My Spirit. For I am He, the ANTICHRIST of the World, who is the Logos made flesh, and the chosen One of all; and I am come that ye may rejoice in the Law of Freedom, and that ye may partake of the Life of the Stars; yea, that ye may partake of the Life of the Stars! " 

Originally posted in 2002