Wiper Blades

The following is a letter I have sent to Trico ( www.tricoproducts.com ) after having their product fall apart on me within 48 hours of installation.


Saturday March 5th I purchased 2 of your wiper blades for my vehicle. Monday one of them fell apart.

I purchased 2 units of part 16-220, the 22" trico neofrom wiper blades. I purchased them at advance auto parts instead of my preferred brand (rain-x) as yours were on sale 2$ cheaper and boasted 'longer life' and 'improved design provides uniform wipe'. I used them some Saturday, then Monday on the way to work I turned my wipers on again in a light rain and your product fell apart.

The plastic end cap on either end of the unit that holds the blades on, popped off and I watched it go flying, then every wipe the force of the blade coming down began sliding the rubber blade off of the body of your product before I got to work had slid 3-4 inches off the end. I have temporarily fixed the unit by using a bit of duct-tape to create a makeshift cap at the end to keep the rubber from flying off. I'm very unsatisfied with your product. $32.08 after tax and within 48 (about 40 actually) hours the product had fallen apart.

Another complaint is while these were listed as being for my model car (2005 neon sxt) the driver side one is the perfect size, but the passenger side actually sticks out roughly 1/4 of an inch past the window onto the molding, while this isn't a performance problem (it actually allows the blade to clean more of the top of the windshield) some might have issue with this so you may wish to revise the listing of this part for said vehicle type.

Before I return the part to advance auto parts, I wanted to give you the opportunity to fix the issue. At present I don't really want advance auto parts to give me a replacement as I don't want your product again. In the future I will likely not purchase your brand if this is the level of quality and workmanship in your products.