Personal Submarine Becomes Reality

I WANT ONE! Someone buy me one! NOW!


Forget jetpacks, hoverboards and beer hats -- the ultimate toy has always been something that's obvious, yet up until now, has seemed to be curiously avoided by leisure industry manufacturers -- personal submarines.

First widely used during World War I, submarines have been around for quite a while but these machines were cramped, uncomfortable, and difficult to navigate. Moreover, the vehicles didn't seem suited to personal use, aside from this effort from a Chinese farmer last year.

Then suddenly, in the last two years, there's been a rash of the ultimate escape vehicles hitting the market consumer market, culminating with the debut of Raonhaje's EGO at a boat show in Miami last week.

Unlike the dinky uBoatWorx submersibles and awkward Ocean Pearl, the EGO looks like what a proper undersea exploration lab should look like while doubling as a personal mobile island.


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