An impressive girl spins some words

To geek or not to geek--there is no question:
Whether 'tis Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock
on the Enterprise's five year mission to boldly go
Or to take arms against the Galactic Empire
and by Rebelling, end them. To beam, to warp--
And more--and with a towel to say we end
The panic, and the infinite improbability drive
That The Heart of Gold is heir to. 'Tis a fiction
scientifically to be wished. To beam, to warp--
To warp --perchance in space: ay, there's the Macguffin,
For in that Twilight Zone what twist may come
When we have shuffled off this Outer Limit,
Must give us cause. Where's the Doctor
Who makes calamity of so long life?
For who would bear the daleck battle cry,
Th' Silence oppressor, the weeping angels
The pangs of dimensional love, the loss of Gallifrey,
The insolence of Cybermen, and the sadness
That patient merit of th' too worthy takes,
When he himself must her memory make
A void and forget her purpose? Who would fez's bear,
To wear a bowtie inside a large blue box,
But that the dread of The Boy Who Lived,
The Good Omens, from whose bourn
No Postman returns, puzzles the Apocalypse,
And makes us rather troll those friends we have
Than make memes for those we know not of?
Thus minecraft does make junkies of us all,
And thus the native Bat of vigilance
Is watching o'er Gotham as laughing echoes die,
And Aquarians of great pitch and moment
In this regard their currents turn to geek
And take up searching for the Higgs. -- Soft you now,
and blame Canada.

I did not write this, "Someone Different" is the author. I had to share it.