This Week in Space

I'm afraid there isn't much this time around for This Week in Space, but here is what I do have.


Cosmic particle accelerators get things going

See, who needs the LHC at CERN when the universe does it on a much grander scale...

ESA's Cluster satellites have discovered that cosmic particle accelerators are more efficient than previously thought. The discovery has revealed the initial stages of acceleration for the first time, a process that could apply across the Universe.

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The cool clouds of Carina

Isn't it just beaitufl how stars form? I swear the universe is full of absolutely stunning things.

Observations made with the APEX telescope in submillimetre-wavelength light reveal the cold dusty clouds from which stars form in the Carina Nebula. This site of violent star formation, which plays host to some of the highest-mass stars in our galaxy, is an ideal arena in which to study the interactions between these young stars and their parent molecular clouds.

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