RIP Steve "Tony Stark" Jobs

So we lost the closest man we had to Tony Stark yesterday... Steve Jobs. I just wanted to mention some of the things we have in the world thanks to Mr. Jobs. I'd also like to take a moment to thank Steve Jobs. Why am I thanking him? Well, the first computer I ever used was an Apple II... in fact it was the first computer I had ever seen in person. That Apple II in kindergarten launched me into the world of computers and has given me the life I've known in the 21 years and change since that first exposure.


The first commercially successful personal computers.

iPods, revolutionizing portable music.

iPhones, truly an amazing phone.

iPads, launching us into the future science fiction has given us tastes of.

iTunes, which revolutionized the music industry.

Pixar, in 1986 Jobs bought Lucas Film's digital division and founded Pixar with 5 million dollars, 5 years later put Toy Story into production.




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