iPhone 4S

iOS 5 comes out October 14th and will have wireless updates. It will include “Reminders” which will be a geographically based to-do list, iMessage will be a free mms/sms feature that goes over the internet instead of having to pay your carrier, you can store music, photos, docs in Apple’s cloud, parents (and abusive partners/spouses) will be able to track their kids (partner/spouse) 24/7, 5gb free mail & docs storage in the cloud with ability to pay $20/$50/$100 more a year to get more storage, unlimited storage for photos and music, iCloud video playing.

The iPod nano will have a 'watch' app and better run/walk tracking software.

The new mobile phone is an iPhone 4S and will release October 14th, same look with all new insides. It will have a 1ghz A5 chip, and boasts 7x faster graphics for better games although it was hard to discern a difference in performance on Infinity Blade 2 that they were demoing on the device.

The 4S' wireless system can "intelligently switch" between it's two antennas to "make even better call quality".

Faster data downloads using HSDPA making the 4S a 4G-LIKE phone so while not technically a 4G device it will have a faster data rate than the iPhone 4.

An 8 megapixel 3264x2448 camera with more accurate colors due to a ‘five element lens’, camera also has a f/2.4 aperture which is better for low light conditions, 1.1 seconds to take a photo, can take shots capable of doing decent poster sized prints, 1080p HD video.

Integrated Siri voice control (note Siri is 4S ONLY) example given is holding the home button to activate Siri then saying “what is the weather like today” and the phone says “here’s today’s weather” then pops up the forecast then human says “what is the hourly forecast” and it repeats the previous actions followed by the human saying “do I need a raincoat today?” to which the female voice replies “it sure looks like rain”, more Siri interaction looking for a restaurant with similar success, Siri will read you your text messages and calendar "do I have meetings at Friday at noon" it "you don't have any...", if your phone is out of reach and you receive a text you can ask Siri to read it to you hands free by saying “Read my message” which it will then ask if you wish to “reply” or “read it again”, Siri will support English French and German, Siri will be considered 'beta' to start with more languages and services being added over time, a microphone button is on the keyboard which can be used to dictate to Siri.


iPhone 4S Price 16GB $199, 32GB #299, and for the first time ever 64GB $399
iPhone 4 discounted to 8GB $99, and get this 3GS will be a free phone for the 8GB version

The iPhone 4S will be available for preorder October 7th.