Indiana: Firearms Preemption Legislation to be Considered in House Committee!

This Wednesday, February 2 at 8:30 a.m., the House Public Policy Committee will hear House Bill 1540. Filed by state Representative Mike Speedy (R-90) and co-authored by Representatives Eric Koch (R-65), Sean Eberhart (R-57) and Terry Goodin (D-66), HB 1540 would strengthen Indiana’s Firearms Preemption law by removing municipalities’ local gun restrictions that were “grandfathered” in the original state law.


The current statute has been abused by numerous municipalities governed by anti-gun city officials, and has created a confusing patchwork of different gun laws across the Hoosier State. Legislation introduced this session would remove the exemptions for “grandfathered” municipalities and strengthen the current law to ensure Hoosier gun owners enjoy the same level of statewide firearm freedoms, regardless of where they reside in Indiana. The law would also protect travelers within the state from running afoul of a patchwork of different gun laws when they cross municipal boundaries.


Please contact the members of the House Public Policy Committee and respectfully ask them to strengthen Indiana’s firearm preemption law by supporting HB 1540. Contact information for members of the House committee members can be found below.


House Public Policy Committee:


Rep. Bill Davis (R-33), Chair


Rep. Wesley Culver (R-49), Vice Chair


Rep. Linda Lawson (D-1)


Rep. Scott Pelath (D-9)


Rep. Tim Wesco (R-21)


Rep. L. Jack Lutz (R-35)


Rep. Terri Austin (D-36)


Rep. Thomas Knollman (R-55)


Rep. Sean Eberhart (R-57)


Rep. Mark Messmer (R-63)


Rep. Matthew Lehman (R-79)


Rep. Phil GiaQuinta (D-80)


Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-99)