Nice article on th3j35t3r

Great little write up on th3j35t3r... go read it! This man/woman is one of my heroes.


I’ve seen enough evidence, the most convincing of which was on IRC, to say with confidence that pretty much all of this is relatively accurate so I’m not going to say “he claims he did this” or “allegedly he did that” throughout this article. All right?

Remember when Wikileaks started unleashing Cablegate but their site kept going down with Assange claiming on Twitter “We are currently under another DDOS attack. DDOS attack now exceeding 10 Gigabits a second?” Turns out that wasn’t a massive distributed attack with such bandwidth, it was merely one man responsible who goes by Jester or th3j35t3r on both Twitter and on occasion.

Judging by victimology (learned that on Criminal Minds) of his many targets over 2010, mostly pro-jihadist recruitment websites and other themes that all present a threat to Americans and his verbiage including “TANGO DOWN” and his signoff, “Stay frosty,” he may be an American, he may be sincere in his conviction, he may have had some sort of military exposure and in spite of how prolific he’s been and how many people either want to find him in order to kill him or offer him a job. Really, the man has enemies, some of them being pretty good with computers yet he and his identity have remained invisible. See the rest HERE