Gun Dudes misfire awards up to episode 70

This is a list of the Gun Dudes' misfire awards up to episode 70. Check their podcast out at


Ep2- Man shoots lawnmower-
Ep3- Drunk women shooting big guns (youtube videos)
Ep4- Drunk man shoots off own testicles
Ep5- Boys lock themselves inside safe
Ep6- Pill causes women to choose in-compatible partners
Ep7- Stab-proof jacket (pg 18 of 24)
Ep8- Tony Blair's bodyguard misplaces sidearm in Starbucks bathroom,2933,416461,00.html
Ep9- Dumb graffiti artists
Ep10-Local guy high-centers his ATV during his getaway
Ep11- Australian award, nothing to do with a gun but we loved it because it could have been solved with a gun.,2933,426272,00.html
Ep12- Convenience store robber leaves behind his ID after clerk turned down his robbery threat.,0,3837823.story
Ep13- England award again. police confiscate a 78 year old man's walking stick (its a deadly weapon)
Ep14- This is a public service announcement from England. Feel free to insert any word in the place of "knives" like drugs or something to see how generic they have become.
Ep15- This is how a language barrier can foil a robbery.
Ep16- A car thief shows up to court in a stolen car
Ep17- Superman gone bad?
Ep18- Tony Blair's bodyguard again. we love them.
Ep19- Carjackers need to learn to drive a stick.
Ep20- Assault with a turkey weapon.
Ep21- Drunken father has his 9 year old son drive him to liquor store.
Ep22- Burglar gets trapped in a sealed chimney.
Ep23- England Wolworth's to ban lightsabers because they look like guns.
Ep24- Ecstasy was for my dog your honor,27574,24832778-17001,00.html
Ep25- Only the mighty Thor could scare a man like that.
Ep26- Car bomber blows himself up
Ep27- Man's gun fires, shatters toilet
also-   Man spray's toilet papering teen's with fox urine
Ep28- Angry husband throws cat at wife.
Ep29- Holy legal defense!! Batman
Ep30- Man puts 911 dispatcher on hold to deal drugs
Ep31- Cape wearing man arrested after robbing an adult store.
Ep32- Wedgie's as good as handcuffs
Sagging pants trip suspect during getaway
Ep33- Lemonade shortage prompts 911 call.
Ep34- Woman called cops three times over McNuggets.
Ep35- Sillicone Valley man twitters through a break in.
Ep36- Grandma chases don purse snatcher.
Ep37- Bus driver clubs a TOY baby seal in front of protesters.
Ep38- Woman locks herself in her own call
Ep39- Robber needed cash for diapers
Ep40- 18 year old arrested and cuffed because police mistake a steering wheel club for a gun,23739,25325471-952,00.html
Ep41- Teen car thief soils himself,5143,705298541,00.html
Ep42- NYPD gun buyback program disturbed by man who trades in a live hand grenade.
and- Man tries to rob dry cleaners with a sword.
Ep43- Dye explodes in mans pants
Ep44- Police arrest burglar after he returns with better tools,0,3126502.story
Ep45- Woman uses baby to shield a man from a cops taser
Teen tries to rob bank with banana,2933,520399,00.html
Ep46-Another cop impersonator
McDonalds FINALLY using boiling oil to repel invaders
Ep47- Store clerk turns table on robber
Ep48- We are back in England with the story of the first anti stab knife to go on sale.
Ep49- Cash from previous bank heist leads to arrest,0,3231084.story
Ep50- Family the UK told to remove their 3 foot trampoline because it could be used by burglars
Ep51- Armed police in England arrest man for playfully pointing a toy ray gun at a child
Japanese police now equiped with chintzy inacurate paintball guns
Ep52- Man injured in accidental canon misfire.,0,7481120.story
Ep53- Fleeing woman captured while trying to light crack pipe
also, Police arrest naked 'Terminator'
Ep54- Man bursts into flames after Taser strike
Ep55- Children in England investigated for laughing too loudly.
also, would be carjacker returns keys because he can't drive a stick.
Ep57- Man tries to sell fake TV (it's an oven door)
also, Tasers setting more people on fire.
Ep58- Robbery suspect spray-paints face and dies.
also, Man wearing speedo tried to steal vehicles.
Ep59- Police in England steal from unlocked cars to "teach"  victims a lesson.
Also, Woman tries to shoot down plane for being too noisy.
Ep60- Pipe wrench trumps repeat burglar.
Ep61- John Hopkins student uses a Samurai sword to defend himself
Ep62- Burglar leaves his Facebook page open on victim's computer also Imperial man shoots himself in the head while trying to teach girlfriend gun safety
Ep63- Jailer treated after accidentally shooting deputy in the leg . Also, in England, A library scissor ban is called absurd
Ep64- Burglar is caught after drinking victim's wine and then falling asleep. . Also, a Jihadist blew himself up but hiding a bomb in his butt.
Ep65- Officer shoots woman and dog playing.
also Scout eating tool lands 6 year old in reform school.
Ep66- Man stabbed son over a clogged toilet.
Ep67- Grandmother admits to poke charge in the UK and the second is Suspects color faces with marker
Ep68- Ferret stuffed down pants, used as weapon
Ep69- Ex British soldier faces jail for handing in gun.
Ep70- This first one is about a robbery suspect is jailed minus part of his nose . Last is a story where a man kidnaped his friend at gunpoint for a ride home