You can't punish the dog

First, I've told them time and time again DON'T GIVE ANA PEOPLE FOOD... so guess what, she hasn't had dog food in over 3 years... people food every day for dinner...

I say don't give her turkey... so they give her turkey...

Then they leave the turkey carcass, in a trashbag, on the kitchen floor last night... and leave for 2 hours. Big I mean BIG fucking surprise that the dog tore the bag open and ripped the carcass to shreds... I mean who woulda thunk it.

I've told them time and time again, you can't punish this dog. She's a rescue and was severely beaten by her previous owners. If you scold her she imediately loses bladder control. So they scolded her all last night, I come home today they've been scolding her all morning.

I go to read, to escape into a world of fiction to get away from this fucking hell hole I live in. I turn on the light, start to sit on the couch, step in soggy dog-piss carpet. I sit in dog vomit, and as I look toward the television in frustration I see a massive pile of semi-liquified dog feces. The second reason you can't punish this dog, her breed can be very destructive and hateful if you upset them... so what's mom do, she cleans it up and has been chasing the dog from room to room literally for 10 minutes yelling at her.

Poor puppy, you are the lucky one though Ana... you've only been stuck in this hell for a little over 4 years, I've been stuck in it for nearly 26 now. I get yelled at for far less and for far longer. I wish I could give you a happy home puppy, but I can't even get out of here myself. Merry fucking day after Christmas... this year gets exponentially worse each day these last few weeks. I'm so over this bullshit, but I'm trapped here. *sigh*