"Jar of Hearts; Who do you think you are?" an open letter to Mark Stern and SyFy/NBC Universal on the cancellation of Caprica

This is a very well written open letter to SyFy... check it out


"Well, SyFy, at least you're consistent.

Back in, oh, 2007, I seem to recall watching an enjoyable series called The Dresden Files, which was rolled out on the then "SciFi" Network. As with Caprica, your network brutally axed the show with very little warning, and then attempted to blame everyone else except yourselves for why the series failed (the audience was never there, the actors moved on, no advertising money, etc).

Fast forward to November 2010. Not only do you swiftly and brutally pull the plug on Caprica for similar reasons, but you don't even commit to airing the REST of what was supposed to be the first season in the U.S.. You just yank it; yank it, in favor of wrestling, I might add. This is important later, so pay attention.

I sensed blood in the water when Paula Malcomson (Amanda Graystone) moved on to take a leading role in this season's Sons of Anarchy. But never in a million years did I believe a network was capable of what you've done. I can't even recall, in the history of recent modern television, when a show was scrapped in the middle of the d@mn season even before Christmas (SyFy Claims the final episodes will air in the U.S. in 2011; that and two bucks will get you on the NYC Subway). But then, I paused, (it's healthy to do that, from time to time,) and remembered poor Harry Dresden. Specifically, I recalled how you bent Jim Butcher over by not even bothering to tell him, the author of the books on which the series was based, that the series was canceled until the Fall season was starting, sans The Dresden Files. "

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