So... getting the site rolling

Alright, this site is much better already. Have a nice blog set up, have my twitter feed to the right, links to the various social networking sites I'm on, and even a way for visitors to contact me set up. I'm in the processing of adding photo galleries by me (with the exception of some of me) that you can find up at the top of the page. I will also be adding links and blurbs about other Ryan Mercer's as I hear back from them on what they wish to go up.

I'm watching some Two and a half Men while I do this as well as tracking the #SaveCaprica initiative both on twitter and the web in general. If you head over to you can find some of the methods we are using to try and bring Caprica back on SyFy, or any other network, for a second season.


Hope to make this site good finally,