Save 'Caprica' campaign will bombard Syfy with apples

I don't agree with the following article at all. Caprica should be renewed for a second season, even if it means going pay-per-episode, or moves to another network.



"Caprica is a family melodrama about robots, religion, big business, virtual reality, immigrant space-gangsters, and a sport called Pyramid that plays like Rugby crossed with Calvinball. For some reason, this did not resonate with the public at large, and the Battlestar Galactica spin-off/prequel was canceled last week. But fandom springs eternal, and the “Save Caprica” campaign has announced a plan to attack the Syfy offices with apples (a reference to the show’s original advertising). This is reminiscent to the famous “Peanuts” incident, when fans of Jericho bombarded CBS with peanuts. That campaign actually succeeded. Will the Caprica apples sway Syfy?  "


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