Kinect 'hack' lets user recreate himself in 3-D

This is awesome... I hope this gets developed well in opensource and freeware in the next few months, I'll totally buy one and hook it up to my computer if someone can get it working as even just a mouse for a computer


"A couple of years ago Oliver Kreylos was looking for a cheap 3-D camera when he heard about a company developing a device that would retail at around $200 -- perfect for his project looking at ways of enhancing video communications.

Kreylos, a researcher in virtual reality at the University of California Davis, approached the company only to be told it had just been bought out by U.S. tech giant Microsoft, which wanted to use the device for its Xbox game console.

The device became Kinect, a $150 motion sensor that plugs into the Xbox 360 allowing users play games simply by moving their body.

When it hit the shelves -- selling more than one million units in 10 days -- Kreylos says he paid it no mind, believing it would be too well encrypted to be of any use to him and dismissing as pointless internet prizes to "hack" it." See the rest HERE