Nintendo Introduces Video Games That Can Play Themselves

What?!?! Absurd! Are they too lazy to figure it out themselves, or maybe get up and get a player's guide or go online?

"Worried that today's kids are getting lazy? Well brace yourself: Nintendo's new video games can play themselves. Just what is the world coming to?

In a move to help struggling gamers negotiate tricky parts of a game, Nintendo has started releasing games with a built-in auto-pilot mode. You'll be able to "play" the latest game -- Donkey Kong Country Returns -- when it is released for the Wii on Sunday.

Although the so-called "Super Guide" feature is optional and only accessible after multiple failed attempts, it was met with jeers and eye rolls by gamers when it was first announced. But Nintendo says any concerns are blown out of proportion. Spokesman Kit Ellis told that the new mode is similar to the numerous cheat codes, online game FAQs, and YouTube walk-throughs that frustrated gamers already consult. " See the rest HERE