'Save Caprica' Campaign Hits A Roadblock

Don't these fools realize if they would have accepted delivery, they could have donated in their own name for free publicity and issued some vague statement on why Caprica won't be coming back... no, instead they refused delivery and we donated them in their name.


"NBC Universal refuses delivery on a shipment of apples sent to the network by fans.

by Blair Marnell
Nov 18, 2010

Earlier this month, a "Save Caprica" movement was born out of Syfy's decision to cancel the series and pull its remaining episodes until next year. Founded by a fan named Rosemary Medrano, the idea was put forth to send a large shipment of apples to NBC Universal's corporate office in New York as a form of protest against the decision.

All told, fans were able to place an order of more than 2,800 apples through BigAppleGrocer.net. The fans choose to send apples because an apple was used in the initial advertising for 'Caprica' as an allegory to humanity's decent into sin, which was a critical theme of "Caprica." See the rest HERE