Israel’s Airport Security, Object Of Envy, Is Hard To Emulate Here

We really need to do it this way... I don't care if it upsets people. Profiling is completely acceptable. When is the last time white person hijacked a plane and used it as a missile to slam into a building? Oh, wait what's that. NEVER.




"Renewed threats of airborne terror have once again drawn attention to Israel’s track record of preventing terror attacks on airplanes.

American commentators and politicians, riled by the recent failure to stop terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab from boarding a Northwest Airlines flight bound for Detroit, have raised calls for “Israelification” of American airports and the adoption of the security model used at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

But while Israel does maintain an excellent track record for preventing airplane terrorism, its unique system of security, which leans heavily on personal interaction and on group profiling, cannot easily be emulated by the United States.

“The way things work in the United States is 180 degrees opposite to the way things work in Israel,” said Yuval Bezherano, an executive at an Israeli consulting firm that designs airport security systems. “Adopting the full Israeli system won’t work, because of costs, time and legal differences." View the rest HERE