1. full name: Ryan Carl Mercer
2. born in: Fort Wayne Indiana
3. height: 6'0
4. eyes/hair: brown/brown
5. shoe size: fucked if I know
6. ethnicity: i'm not from earth
7. sign: aries
8. smoke: breathe in and out
9. drink: no I don't like urinade
10. do drugs: drugs are bad ;)
11. shampoo: is better... no conditioner is better
12. conditioner: is better... no shampoo is better
13. toothpaste: any
14. deodorant: curve
15. fave alcoholic drink: root beer
16. fave web page: www.mideralm.org/sternfeld
17. fave tv shows: THE TRIBE
18. fave magazine: Popular Mechanics
19. fave smells: sex is a good smell
20. future daughter's name: Lucretia
21. future son's name: Arawn
22. fave poet: Poe
23. what is on the walls of your room: 2 Edmund Blair Leighton paintings
24. half empty or half full: the glass is broken
25. do you type with your fingers on the right keys: no
26. what's under your bed: I'm afraid to look
27. what is your dream car: 1969 Shelby gt 500 mustang.
28. fave sport to watch: Sports are stupid
29. truth or dare: dare
30. wwf or wcw: none
31. ocean or pool: ocean
32. cake or pie: cake
33. sean, shawn, or shaun: none fool
34. gum - spit or swallow: spit
35. love or lust: love
36. wal-mart, kmart, target: S-mart
37. read or write: write
38. lay on the beach or play in the sand: play in the sand
39. bagel or doughnut: doughnut
40. chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
41. wild or mild: wild
42. croutons or bacon bits: bacos bits
43. sits in the stands or plays the game: stands
44. ice cream or frozen yogurt: ice cream
45. tea or coffee: coffee
46. read the book or see the movie: book then movie
47. french toast or pancakes: pancakes
48. silver or gold: white gold
49. crab or lobster: lobster
50.cassettes or cds: records
51. opening envelopes - knife or tear it: tear it
52. smell or taste: white castle food smell trapped in your car
53. coke or pepsi: pepsi
54. care bears or rainbow brite: care bears
55. frogs or toads: frogs
56. tootsie pop or blow pop: blow
57. broom or mop: mop
58. dogs or cats: dogs
59. boxers or briefs: boxers
60. ru paul or dennis rodman: ru paul is the shit
61. leather or vinyl: a combination of both
62. m&m's or smarties: m&m's
63. french poodle, french fries, french kiss: french kiss
64. taco or burrito: taco
65. cell phone or pay phone: pay phone with a red box
66. star wars or star trek: star wars
67. nacho cheese or cool ranch: nacho cheese
68. snapple or fruitopia: neither fruit shit sucks
69. pen or pencil: pen
70. sunrise or sunset: sunset
71. crushed or cubed: crushed
72. apple or orange: neither
73. cheerios or corn flakes: cheerios
74. sprite or 7 up: neither
75. ribbed or plain: ribbed ;)
76. dry or lubricated: dry
77. early bird or night owl: I don't sleep ok
78. hug or kiss: both
79. showers or baths: say what?
80. have you ever gone skinny dipping: does it count if your wearing a dog
81. do you have any piercings/tattoos: yeah... dumbass questionaire
82. you wear glasses: no... I just glue them to me
83. do you read tabloids: hey... that is the REAL news
84, do you wear a hat: yeah
85. do you know all the words to the national anthem: yeah... Fuck off everyone.. them the words
86. do you wear jewelry: yeah
87. do you paint your nails: toe nails... during school year... to fuck with people
88. do you consider yourself a good listener: yeah
89. do you sing in the shower: ¿whats a shower?
90. do you talk to your pet: yeah... she talks back
91. do you talk to yourself: yeah... they talk back
92. do you talk in your sleep: no
93. do you snore: I don't sleep
94. do you lick envelopes or use a sponge: lick... I wann die like on Seinfeld
95. do you shave your legs: no I'm not eric
96. pits: I was born in a pile of shit
97. what is in your sock drawer: I dunno...
98. what scares you: my ass
99. what color is your toothbrush: many...
100. what is your worst injury ever: um... I was shot... and I died... but I'm here again
101. do you believe in love at first sight: no... it takes me two looks to fully check someone out... the front... then the back. so love at second sight
102. have you ever been in love: evol... anyone every notice that... close to evil
103. fave place to be: bob-o's bathroom
104. what is the best feeling in the world: the feeling right after you total a 6000$ car
105. say my name bitch: No you say my name bitch