I just realized something. moving back to speedway will be ok, I'll get to graduate with all the people I grew up with. How will they have changed though, will we still all be good friends or what. I hope so, cause if not I'll be pretty bored sittin around a lot. I won't get to see Dev-0 everday, or even every other day. Maybe once a week. I'll still get to talk to everyone online though. I'll also be up here or up in greenwood every chance I get. Devin' its gonna suck not bein able to chill with you all the time. Laura, even though we aren't the best of friends, I won't get to see you all through out the school year and have merely just the sight of you cheer me up. Justin, it will take some adjusting to not see your white hockey playin cracker ass every day. All miss seein all the little preppy fuckers here that were somewhat my friends. Like Chris Drake and some other people, heh I'm gonna miss seing Martich in the halls. He's more of a kid than a teacher. Um... Britt, gonna miss callin you names and stuff. I'm gonna miss all the lower classmen I picked on all the time and had bitched. Heh, I'm gonna miss dressin the way I do now. Thats going to be something I can only do when I go to greenwood without anyone from speedway, simply because its not acceptable in speedway. Oh well, I'll only be a few minutes away, so It will be all good, right? Everyone have fun their senior years, devin you have fun your junior and senior year, give the teachers hell and wear your Trenchcoat proudly through the halls. Well enough of this for now. Ciao.