Ok. So yesterday when I was hanging out with nikki it was all good. Then when we left she kissed josh to make me upset. I love the way she can just make you go crazy. She is great like that. I wanted to spend today with her but alas its 2p.m. and she hasn't been home all day. I hope she gets home soon because I need to talk to her and see her. I hope she doesn't have any of her friends with her though. They all are a bit annoying when they are together. Anyway. Staying at Bob-o's mom's house tonight. I love having a life again. I'm so happy. I think some people hate me though. Well I think most people do. You know what though.... thats their fuckin problem. If you hate me then its your problem not mine and it doesn't hurt me any. I hope Laura's doing ok. She told me never to talk to her and to stay out of her business so I have no clue how she is doing. Last nite I got really down because I was thinking about how great of friends we were and some of the good times we had together. I really fucked things up there though. Oh well... Could someone tell me how she's doing?