This was the best weekend I've ver had uuntill on my way home. It was a blast... had fun at devin's friday, me and him had lots of fun drivin around today. Then like everyone we know went up to pizza hut in plainfield it was funny, got to see cheryl, brielyn, amba, um.... carrie... the guy she was with... laura cooper, someone she was with, mikey josh and ash. Then we left there... had some fun, went our own ways. Eventually got to devins... Got my car, decided to come home... So I'm infront of DCHS, and I see a kid walkin on the road so I like get into the left lane to not hit him... and I get right next to him... and a dog bolts out in front of him... then infront of me... and it starts runnin the direction i'm goin and SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH I slammed on my brreaks... skidded about 10 yards, the kid ran up the hill... and the dog eventually got smashed into my bumper... so I stopped started to get out... I asked the kid if the dog was his, he said no, I went to look under my car to see how bad it was hurt and if I needed to get it to its owner, or put it out of its misery... and it started yelpin and took off runin just holding one leg up in the air as it ran yelpin... I then went up to amoco, gave the kid a ride there. Saw cheryl and all them. I was freakin out and jittery as hell... I told them what happened... and cheryl made me feel even worse and got nasty with me about hittin the dog... so I sat in amoco's parking lot for like 20 minutes till I was calmed down, went looking for the dog, couldn't find it arouund where I hit it so I came home. i'm sittin here crying and freaking out and there isn't anyone to talk to about it.