My god, the immensity of being alive... of life. Sometimes it hits me like a blow, goes tearing through my veins, pours into my lungs. It's kind of an ecstasy, lasts only a fraction—would be too much to handle if it were of any duration... Yes! My biggest kick is me watching my work, watching myself grow you can call it perspective. I love all growing things, and I'm growing. Really, I'm completely enraptured with, in love with myself. Within the scope of my comprehension, there is nothing so wonderful as a growing human being, an evolving human being... to know one, to communicate with one, that contact is pleasure such good pleasure.

No, your hope lies not in your culture but in yourself. You don't have time you're dying too fast to wait for it to come alive (never has or will anyway.) Thousands of years ago and thousands from now there were, and will be, men who knew, and will know what's happening; who contemplate their particular cultural environment with sad sardonic mirth; who accept their intellectual isolation... seeking rapport on the level of the few, These creative-lifed ones these few and alone, even begin to approach human potential.