Thank god its thursday. I"m tired... not as tired as yesterday though. I'm so looking forward to this weekend. Somehow mom knows I didn't go to work yesterday... dunno if Dev0's parents told her or if Aaron's dad did. Oh well... she still thinks I have a job... Someone remind me that tomorrow after school I have to go up there... get my last check... and turn in my vest.

Bekah- Sorry I didn't see you like I said I was going to last nite
Brandy - sorry bout your car hope it works soon
Dev-0 - Sorry we have to go to school and we don't just have jobs and no longer need school... oh well... just 2 years for you... heh... year for me... we'll make it through it
Laura & Terri- You two are funny...
Cassie - your funny to
everyone else - um I dunno... sorry... whatever...