If mom commits me today this could be my last post. If she commits me then its going to fuck up everything. It will keep me from getting in the army.(sorry tristan... the army is all I have...and if you stop talking to me because of me enlisting then I guess your not a real friend). IF she commits me the army won't take me... The army is my family... my only family. Its the only thing I"m ever going to have. It's the onlything thats gonna care about me. Without it then I have nothing to do wit hmy life. So if mom fuckin puts me in a damn loony center then bye bye world. I'll break my neck on the way there or once I get there. I hope she chickens out and doesn't. I really hope she doesn't have the guts to do it. If she does though... this will be the last day any of you see me alive. Lets just hope she isn't brave enough to do it.