Life is fairly boring right now. I'm slowly losing that 80 pounds. I'm tired of being alone in life. Oh well... my great uncle who was dying of cancer had a massive heart attack earlier today. If he dies it will be another funeral I'll have to go to. I hope I get my car's radio working soon... I miss bumping in my little 4 banger. Oh well... someday I'm gonna have the car I almost had... my '70 chevelle SS... the damn bastard sold it to someone else when he had already SOLD us the car. He gave us our money back and sold it to someone else for less... just because they were his friends and gave him a 454 rat... Thats the kinda engine i'm gonna have in my chevelle. Its going to be a white chevelle... black hood bars... tucked antennas... Its going to be packing a 454 rat... duel exhaust... 1 inch glass packs. Good performace tires. A road runner spoiler. And a 4 liter NOS. She will be a car. She will serve me well to... one of these days I'll have her... one of these days... untill then... Amanda... my little 4 banger will sufice.
-Das Allgemeine!