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Nice... I should get between $2,200 and $2,500 back from my federal taxes... which pays off all of my debts (the payoff amount on my one loan is $2053 but I'll have another payment or two before I get my refund... so I'll be able to pay it off and still have a few hundred to put in the bank) but my student loan (another 6k or so... I'm going to start making a double payment on it which will get it down a lot faster) :) .
However, my mother thinks I'm going to get less than $800 back. Well she's insane. Everyone I know that makes what I do... generally gets back around 2-grand... yet she says I'll get no more than 800 back... I mean lets see here... 2513.22 was held for federail income tax... then another 1,256.21 for FICA (that I won't get a dime of) plus another 790.35 State Tax (which I'll see some of). Plus you add that I get to deduct the interest from my student loans... I'll get between 2,200 and 2,500 back... *nods*