A true, and interesting, story

The young man was walking back to his hotel after doing something he detested. He had been invited to speak to a group of people he didn't know and to persuade them to donate additional money for his important project.
Fund raising always made him feel like he was a beggar and that it somehow caused him to lose a bit of himself – that to ask for help chipped away at his integrity.
He knew he wouldn't have to go through this again because his project was almost finished and he was determined to complete it with the money he now had even if he had to use rubber bands to hold it together.
Unbeknownst to him, a psychic by the name of Sampson Evans was staring at him from across the street. Evans later recalled that he was startled by a vision the moment he spotted him. "I saw this young man alone in a vast sea of water, struggling to stay afloat."
Evans approached the young man and introduced himself. He asked if he could speak to him for a moment, that he had something important to tell him. And what he had to say could possibly save his life.
"I've had these visions all my life and they're rarely wrong," Evans said. "I don't know who you are or what you're up to, but I strongly urge you to postpone whatever you're about to do."
The young man looked skeptical and was about to walk away when Evans grabbed his arm and said, "I see you drowning in a vast body of water. Please, please, wait at least a week. If you don't, you will drown. Trust me, please trust me.'
The young man patted Evans on the arm and walked off, never thanking him, never looking back. But one month later, when he rolled his plane onto the landing strip to take off on him famous flight, Charles Lindbergh acknowledged to friends that he, indeed, had postponed his flight for one week because he couldn't get "that man's" words out of his mind.