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So my mom's truck was making some noise so she dropped it off at dodge to have it fixed... they told her how much and how long... (she was actually getting 2 things fixed, the breaks were spazzing out and some screech under the hood). Well we go to pick it up today (dropped it off wednesday) and as they back it out then after 30 seconds or so it starts making the screeching sound again so the guy says "let me take a look at it real fast" and he does and he says "the only other thing it could be is this is broken and we will go ahead and " then my mom buts in and what she said is a long list of profanities about how they are screwing her and trying to take her for everything she's worth then she storms off and the guy says to me "what I was trying to say is we will go ahead and fix it for free since you came all the way out here do you want to leave the truck till we can get the part or bring it back, it is safe to drive" and she's inside screaming "you people need to give me my money back I"m not paying you another dime you won't work with me" except add lots and lots and lots of colorful language in there.
So finally they get her to shut up long enough to say its free after they start getting hostile towards her telling her if she doesn't calm down they are going to have her removed from the premises and not fix the problem. So finally I get her to shut up and get her back in my grandparents car and get her to leave. They say they'll fix it so... yeah we are getting it Tuesday but on the way home I try to tell her she just needs to calm down and let people finish... and then she starts calling me a long list of profanities and hitting me as she's driving the car telling me if I'm not gonna stand up for her when people do that they I should just kill myself and all sorts of other things... I can't deal with this nonsense much longer.