So I haven't had a meaningful post in quite some time I suppose.
I'm nearing my 1-year mark here at this job... this will be my first decent tax return ever.
Currently I'm trying to debate... do I go down to the condo at the end of June/beginning of July (Haven't been down since I took Devin... plus I'll be 21 this year, can get into La Vela... and I'm going to convince my brother to let me fly him down for a few days and have fun with me) or if I am going to do Pennsic in August. I always want to go to Pennsic... but its pretty much 3 weeks long, and I'll only be able to go for 5-6 days... factor in a day of driving each way... thats 4 days... 1 day for set up, 1 day for tearing down camp... thats only 2 days to enjoy myself... so I'm probably going to scrap Pennsic this year, and hopefully next year I'll have more vacation saved up (I've used it a lot lately just to have lots of 4 day weeks, plus I cashed a bunch of it out at the end of the fiscal year).
With Jeremy gone, I'm paying for my Bally's membership and not using it, however I do go to the gym here at work 5 days a week for an hour... and after only 3 weeks I'm noticing a big difference (Usually I'd go eat lunch then [fast food with Cliff] but now I'm over at the gym every day so I'm noticing big differences fairly fast).
This weekend I saw The Last Holiday... it was good. Then Saturday night I found myself playing Uno and 2am with Josh and Ash... and oddly enough Uno and board games and the like are actually fun.
I'm still debating the house purchase and education. It's going to be more of a "this one worked out first" decision I believe... but only time will tell.
I guess thats it for now, ta-ta!