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So last night, me and Jeremy went and saw the Transporter 2 before we went to the gym. When we were leavin the theater we saw Terkhorn... Janelle wasn't anywhere around. Jeremy walked over to Terk and started talking to him, I damm near walked over there and just caved Terk's head in but right as I was about to nock his head off of his body, I offered him my hand and said "I know we've had some issues with each other but, hi" and he took my hand and shook it and that was that... him and Jeremy stood around talking for about 5 minutes or so then Janelle came out of the bathroom... I thought things were looking up and getting better, then I had to see her. Of course she had to run up to me and hug me... but either to not make Terk think I was gonna steal her like he believed about a year ago when we exchanged death threats, or maybe just to protect myself... I didn't return the embrace. I also didn't talk to her hardly at all, nor did I look at her for more than 10 seconds or so total the 20some minutes they stood their and talked. Most people that know me knew how much I cared about Janelle... those of you even closer to me know that she would have married me but she didn't like how I was always giving her gifts, so she met Terk and fell in love with him... and they got married. I was fine with seeing them untill now... but at least she's happy, and they are doing good... and I guess thats what I should care about.
-The Wolf