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I really miss Mila, I know putting her to sleep was the best thing for her (in one week she had gone from being able to chase rabbits around the yard to not even being able to stand up) however I miss her, I wish dogs didn't age as fast, I wish they aged the same as humans. Mila was, as far as I'm concerned, my sister. It is just weird coming home and not having her sitting their waiting for me. It's difficult to sit down and eat becuase she isn't there to beg from you. We still have her food and water dish out, and I keep changing the water out of habit. Everytime the doorbell rings, or someone pages me on yahoo I nearly blurt out the words "it's ok Mila" (any of you that knew her knew the doorbell turned her into some vicious beast, that is , untill you came inside then she was the cowardly lion). It's gonna take a long time to get used to her being gone. She was with us through 3 different houses, she helped me through dad's death... she always listened when I needed to talk. Now all I have left is Bun... and Bun can't return love, all he can do is sit there and be someone to talk to. I want a new pet, however I can't replace Mila so I don't plan on getting a new pet anytime soon.