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Well that house isn't going to happen... its very very nice... but... they want 6k$ down just for me to bid (because its a hud)... well 60k would be about as much as I could afford to finance by myself... and I don't have 6k$ for the down payment/earnest money so I can even bid on it... and they've had sevearl investors looking at it in the past few days so it'll go for more than 60k. On another note... my notebook had a few pixels burnt out on it, so I tried to get the screen replaced... and dell is going to replace it for free... pretty cool considering I only found 3 pixels burnt out... however I won't have it back till tuesday (I sent it back to them monday... and they shipped it out again today... and estiamted delivery on the fed ex tracker is the 2nd, which is tuesday... so only 8 days without it... but... I want it back... its so friggin nice out and I could be sitting out side using my wifi to do all of this in the nice weather)