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Alright... so I had a crazy idea last night... I get caught up on looks when looking at women... right... so I know women do.
So I have an idea...
I posted an ad on craigslist looking for models between 18-25 between 5'4-5'11 and 90-140lbs. I've already got a few responses and its only been like 13 hours... I imagine I"ll get a good dael more... In a week or so I'll take a look at all of them, find one that looks the best in my eyes, and maybe shop her picture around a few ladies to see their response to her. Then, I'll pay her to do a photoshoot with me in casual situations. I figure, if ladies see me in photos with another good looking lady they'll be like "hrmm he must be worth getting to know if she's with him"... plus I'm going to use this as a little psychological study fo my own... thats also the cover for the project. I'm going to say that I'm trying to prove my theory that a guy can get more responses from women if they see him with a good looking woman.