Religion Prooved!

Alright... I'm at work... and I just proved religion in an IRC conversation... I'm LorcanWork obviously... check out the proof.

[14:17] if I had it my way... I'd just have myself digitized and I'd live online
[14:18] sorta like Jobe on lawnmower man... or even kinda like on tron
[14:18] heh
[14:18] untill then I'll just keep saying "whatif the matrix is real, and I'm just in a big computer sim"
[14:18] heh
[14:18] haha
[14:19] I think you are looney
[14:19] I mean... if you look at life... there is so much evidence that this is a program
[14:19] all kinds of glitches and anomalies... and uniformity to things... so much predictability
[14:21] could explain religion...
[14:21] God is the programmer
[14:21] heh
[14:21] and that right there... could defeat anything science has to disprove religion
[14:21] "well where did all the water from the flood go"
[14:21] Simple... God clicked his mouse and changed the % of water
[14:21] heh
[14:21] "how did he make the earth"
[14:22] Simple... he opened up worldeditor and started playing around
[14:22] "how did he make eve out of adam's rib"
[14:22] easy... he said... "hrmm... yeah this program looks good... lets borrow its code"
[14:22] hehehe
[14:22] sounds like populace
[14:22] there... I proved religion!
[14:22] which was one of my favorite games
[14:22] Someone give me the a nobel or something
[14:23] Maybe we are just God's civIII save heh
[14:23] haha you know thats almost scary
[14:23] or sim city save... etc etc
[14:23] What that I proved religion in an irc room?
[14:23] heh
[14:23] no that your proof sounds a almost plausable
[14:23] its just... everything is so mathamatical
[14:24] Mathematical even
[14:24] I mean... even if it isn't obvious... if you look at something... you can reduce it to mathematical equations
[14:24] and computer programs are a grouping of equations
[14:24] So the universe is one big equation
[14:24] say the Operating System
[14:25] and then the galaxies are all the system processes
[14:25] and the star systems inside those galaxies are all routines
[14:25] and the planets sub-routines
[14:25] and you can just keep taking it down
[14:25] everything is mathematical
[14:25] well, I just hope the system never crashes
[14:25] heh
[14:26] nah don't worry
[14:26] God is running linux
[14:26] heh
[14:26] and real nice battery backups
[14:26] heh
[14:26] I just formed a new religion here today... codeology
[14:26] heh
[14:26] or codenism
[14:27] I at least proved Genesis
[14:27] heh
[14:28] see God... he did become a God
[14:28] one day his skills were good enough
[14:28] and he programmed our existance
[14:28] and made himself God
[14:28] just like we can become like God...
[14:28] oi... I've got to much time on my hands
[14:29] yes you do
[14:29] but yeah... it is kinda creepy how our existance can be explained as a computer program or simulation
[14:29] I mean... EVERYTHING can be reduced to mathematical equations
[14:29] And if you pay attention like I do... you see lots of repetition
[14:29] So we are equations with a purpose
[14:30] dna may be our genetic code... but atoms... neutrons... quarks... etc are our computer code
[14:30] And the master programmer... God... coded us *nods*
[14:30] We are code *nods*
[14:31] now I can explain religion crystal clear to hard-core scientists
[14:31] and they can't argue... because everything can be reduced to math... a scientific, universal, language
[14:31] Now... scientists can't say they don't believe because science disproves religion... science PROVES religion!
[14:31] mwahahahah
[14:31] One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
[14:32] now if that isn't revelation... I don't know what is.
[14:33] its a shame I didn't have this epiphany say wednesday at work
[14:33] because we talked about revelation and stuff in institute
[14:33] wednesday evening
[14:33] heh
[14:33] however... everyone would have just thought I was nuts... becuase they wouldn't have wanted to look at it
[14:33] and see that we can prove religion with science... the anti-religion
[14:34] I had some doubts about religion
[14:34] now I have none
[14:34] its all clear... :) yay!
[14:35] the scientist in me isn't a skeptic anymore
[14:35] It's a stunned and awed believer
[14:35] now watch... I'll die on the way home from work... and all the rest of you will die before you can tell anyone about this
[14:35] because the world isn't ready for un-deniable proof yet
[14:36] so quickly... tell everyone you know
[14:36] well... it doesn't matter
[14:36] Looks like someone likes talking to themselves.
[14:36] God could always restore us from a backup... then change the discussion before it got to the causing factors of this one
[14:36] haha its that or stare at my cubicle walls black.
[14:36] God could always restore us from a backup... then change the discussion before it got to the causing factors of this one
[14:36] haha its that or stare at my cubicle walls black.
[14:36] but I mean... read it... I just proved religion
[14:37] science can no longer say religion is nonsense
[14:37] because science proves that it is true