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So I went down to Bloomington yesterday... was hanging out with some people... and I can't really remember much from about 7 or 8pm on... all I know is that today when I woke up... I reached over for the remote where it always is and found it wasn't there, opened my eyes and realized I was in some room that I had naver seen before. I sit there for a minute kinda weirded out and realize I'm in a bed, someones bed, I look over and there is a rather hott girl next to me in some shorts and thats all... I just lay there for like an hour or so till the other person sleeping in her room a few feet away in another bed wakes up and she says hi to me and goes about her business then the one I was in bed with finalyl wakes up. Ok fastforward 10 mintues or so... come to find out I"m in a SORORITY house... Alpha Delta Pi in Bloomington. heh... go me! However, I don't have a god damn clue what happened, at all... it fucking sucks... I just know I woke up next to a topless chick thatwas of the caliber of hottness that I thought I'd never have the pleasure of sleeping with... fuckin figures... a good experience possibly and I can't fuckin remember... I wasn't about to ask what happened. I just kinda akwardly stayed for a little bit, and then went in search of my truck. I found it about an hour later and just got home. This blows... probably the best thing that has EVER happened to me and I don't remember the slightest bit of it *sigh*