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This course is a must for the new
and vintage believer alike.  It will give you a fresh
view of the basics and fortify your doctrinal roots in the
new creation life.


Enter the realm of guidance that
has been known only to true apostles and prophets for
centuries.  Escape the mouse-in-a-maze mentality and be amazed at what God
has on His platter for you. 


Take a journey through the many
forms of prayer found in scripture. Your prayer life will
come alive as you blaze a trail to the heart of the
subject of prayer.


Get a handle on the authority we
have as a believer given to us by Jesus Christ. 
Learn the when and how to use it.  Your faith will be
galvanized through this expose of the subject of authority

& Worship Dynamics

Gain insights into key points of
praise and worship.  Learn valuable inspired Hebrew
words for praise and their meanings.  Your worship
life will be enhanced and strengthened.

Laws of Reciprocity

there a hundred-fold return?  A new testament tithe?  The laws
of seed -time & harvest are explored through this
in-depth biblical study of giving.  Experience the
adventure of giving.

of the Spirit

Everyone would like to have a
fruitful life.  However, it takes knowledge. 
This text will give you the knowledge you need to be
fruitful in every realm of life.

& Wealth

it wrong to prosper? Is it God's will to be sick? 
Hit the mark of God's provision for you.  Understand
His will concerning health and wealth.  Learn the
answers to age old questions.


and understand the biblical make-up of man.  Learn
vital information pertaining to the mind and how it
functions.  You will gain confidence and self
awareness in Christ.

I Am's

Become the you God says you are by
internalizing what he says about you.  Put on the
mind of Christ through this in-depth labor of entering
rest in Christ.

of God

Learn the mystery of the Godhead. 
You will obtain a clearer union with God.  Learn the
office and operations of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
to the body of Christ.

Four Phases of the Work of Christ.

to every believer in Christ.  The secret of the keys
of the kingdom shall be unveiled by the Holy Spirit. 
Learn how to apply life governing principle.