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I saved a womans life today... a suicidal woman... for how long I don't know... but I got her help, even though she was states away, and the only person she gave for me to contact, after trying to get it out of her for 30 minutes... was another several states away. I saved her life. They got her, she's in the hospital her ex-husband has thanked me countless times. I thank God that this lady im'd me 3 weeks or so ago, I thank God that I put her on my buddy list. I thank God that today, I saw her sign on and off about 6 or 7 times in a minute or so... I thank God that she told me her problems, and then told me what she had done, I thank God for helping me get her ex husbands phone number, and I thank God that they got to her in time. I ask all of you to pray for Mandie and those around her (her children, Jeff her ex-husband, her family... everyone that knows her.). I don't know why Heavnly Father used me to save this womans life, but I can't stop thanking him enough. I'm my time I've wronged many people many ways... and tonight I was able to save a womans life all thanks to God and this crazy thing the internet. I don't think this is something I will ever forget. Her ex-husband has thanked me many times and he is going to keep me updated on her condition... and I can't stop thanking God... folks... pay attention to those around you, if they start seeming a bit down be there for them so they don't get as far as this lady. This lady consumed many many pills and downed them with whiskey, luckily I was there, I kept her talking long enough to delay her consuming more, and I was able to help her. People die daily from suicide, and suicide really hurts those close to the people who kill themselves. I'm greatful God put me in Mandie's life, and I say these things in the name of the Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.