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So, the singles ward had a Luau... I went... it was fun I guess... I left early to take two of the elders home becuase it is a kinda long ride, and one of the new transfers... at his last location he had a car full time so he's legs are really sore, plus it was cold and dark I had no problem taking them home, they are at westlake right over by me... I also took an investigator of theirs home he lives in these apartments I didn't know existed right by washington and 465 behind the laundromat... ended up staying at his place for 45 minutes talking to him and his sister... mainly his sister... about bands and anne rice novels and good vampire type movies... then I remembered I had white castle out in the car so I went ahead and left... now time to reheat my chicken rings and eat... hrmmm... thats the most fun I've had in a long time. :)