December 21st, 2012 A.D.

It's depressing... we only have about 7 years left on Earth and barely anyone realizes it. We don't have the technology to relocate ourselves to another planet in numbers or to teraform another planet... people need to realize that in a little more than 7 years life as we know it will come to an end as an asteroid crashed into the earth and destroys nearly all life again. There isn't really much we can do now, the only way we'd have a chance is if every person of every government united and pooled resources to get us to another planet. The first major obstacle we'd have to tackle would be how to protect ourselves from radiation on another planet... simultaenously we'd have to start construction of space elevators all over the planet much like Lift-Port is currently working on now (fund them greatly, let them get their plan complete and get space elevators up). As soon as they are up start getting materials into space and send biodomes to the moon, use it as our testing ground and as soon as we get the radiation bit solved start sending stuff to Mars a.s.a.p . We'd also have to start massive tunneling in mountains here on Earth.
We'd need to be able to shelter nearly all of the Earth's population in mountain strongholds and store massive amounts of food and water. We'd evacuate all that we could to the moon and use the moon as a stepping stone to Mars. As soon as things calmed down after a month or so (mind you calmed down very slightly) on Earth we could rebuild space elevators and begin evacuating the remaining people and all of the supplies we had stored. We'd just have to hope we could figure out a way to teraform Mars over the next 50 years or so... at least enough to sustain life if need be... we'd have to live out of domes for centuries probably, and more than likely almost indeffinately due to the lack of protection from radation (no van allen belt).
We only have a little over 7 full years people... we need to get to work!