I get raised tonight... it should have happened just about a year ago, however I drug my feet on my FC... Between my EA and my FC exactly one year passed... when the Lodge wanted me to do my FC 14 days after my EA and be raised as an MM only 9 days after that... but I screwed around mainly becuase I was upset that dad and my godfather wouldn't be there. I finally got over that and realized my dad will be there watching over me from that undiscovered country from whence bourne no traveler returns... and my godfather Joe... well his health isn't so great (I mean, this guy is tough... he was UDT during WWII) But his health hasn't been so good since a little before my dad passed away, he made it down for dad's funeral and I'm sure he would have made it to my MM tonight even if it meant him dying after... but I waited untill just now to tell him, because I don't need him making a big fuss and coming down from fort wayne. I know he wants to be there, and thats all that matters to me. *nods* not that the majority of you will have any idea to what I'm talking about with this post... it it is afterall a JOURNAL, more importantly... my journal.