So like out o the blue... well you don't need to know where I was going or why... I'm just driving down the road... and my truck dies... go tos tart itback up.. won't turn over... give it 30 seconds try again it starts... and it is running so hard and bad it isn't even funny... so I drive it to advance... and watch about 1/8th of my tank of gas dissapear in the 3 mile drive (24 gallon tank...) and didn't even care about that... I have a diagnostic run... and it was running fine 20 minutes before... and now all of a sudden cylinders 2, 4, and 6 (the entire left side) are misfiring... they had a guy who works there part-time who is a certified mechanic and he said that it has to bet he ignition coils, especially seeing that they are the factory origs and how many miles are on it... but guess what they are 79$ a piece... and all 3 need replaced... BLAH BLAH BLAH... so untill I can take care of that... I guess I can replace 2 now and 1 in 2 weeks... I'll be losing assloads of gas just for the half a mile drive to work... and I'd walk if it wasn't uphill on one of the steepest fucking hills around and if their was a sidewalk.