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Well I'm Selling/Trading the truck... this guy at work wants it, and is going to give me his car plus some cash. I figure he'll give me a hundred or so... it'll be enough for license plates. Its an 83 grand-prix with a 350, elderblock intake, 4bbl holley, and t-tops. It's got one grapefruit sized dent in the body but I don't much care about that... basically this car is just going to be what I drive around this summer, and fall... and by winter I'll have about half of the money for a new car saved up, which means I can put 50% as a downpayment on whatever I want and finance the rest... thats about the only way a place is gonna finance a NEW car to me, is if I can throw down half of the cost upfront as a downpayment. But the grand-prix looks like a cross between my old pontiac 6000 and devins monte. Actually it looks a helluva lot like the monte, even sports the same engine.
It looks exactly like this except its black.